Prabhjot​ ​Mahant ​​

Founder​ ​&​ ​CEO​ ​of​ ​'PRINDAY~HAVE​ ​WINGS'

In 2014, Prabhjot Mahant invested her 12 years of Finance expertise by launching her own firm, that went on to be nationally recognized and is now north India's leading Public Relations and Event Management company. In a span time of just 3 years with their markable marketing and exceptionally planned promotional strategies, firm Prinday has successfully completed four mega-musical events other than star musical nights. Adding another milestone the company has 75+ hit Bollywood and Pollywood movie promotions to its name. It includes awards namely 'Mirchi Music Awards' for three years in a row from 2014 to 2016, 'Filmfare Punjabi 2017' to promotion of movies like 'Punjab 1984', 'Tere Bin Laden 2', 'Angrej', 'Ardaas', 'Sardar Mohammad', 'Nikka Zaildar 2' to name a few.

Prabhjot Mahant with her unexceptional vision and enterprise analysis as per market demand has made a unique identification. In other words, she simply leads in the required entrepreneurial skills and corporate working methodology. Conquering the recent milestone 'Prinday' went to promote the newly released flick starred by ace-comedian-actor Kapil Sharma and actress Monica Gill with the second edition of 'Gabruu Nation' with Kapil as the star protagonist in the event. Ms. Mahant believes challenges and difficulties are a part and parcel of life, she entrusts that anything and everything can be achieved with work ethics because skills can be bought but you cannot buy work loyalty.